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Do you need to remove Arsenic from your water system? Contact us today for an application review.

IMO Pump

Reliable competitively priced three screw pumps built to handle the toughest application! We also offer IMO repair kits.

IMO Pump is one of the global leaders in screw pump technology and hydrocarbon fluid-handling. Their specialty products include specialized two screw pumps for handling all manner of fluids that may contain air or gasses, as well as progressive cavity pumps ideal for handling viscous fluids and solids. They also are a leading manufacturer of crescent internal gear pumps for dealing with high pressure hydrocarbons and hot oil centrifugal pumps.

3-screw pumps are ideal for a number of applications, including:

  • High pressure lube oil
  • Low pressure lube oil
  • Crude oil transport
  • Diesel fuel injection
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Machinery lubrication
  • Hydraulic elevators


Our high pressure lube oil pumps are capable of withstanding pressures greater than 4000 PSIG, and low pulsation means our pumps run smoothly and quietly. The reliability of our IMO screw pumps is one of their greatest features, as they are built to last for years. We even offer Minor and Major IMO Repair Kits to help keep your pumps running in top condition for years to come.

Whatever your field, be it commercial, industrial or municipal, Applied Process Equipment has all the equipment and control systems you need. From high- and low-pressure lube oil pumps and mag-drive three-screw pumps to CIG Gear pumps as well as major and minor repair kit support, we are dedicated to providing the complete water system solution to suit your particular needs. Whether you need individual, stand-alone equipment or a complete wastewater system, Applied Process Equipment is here to meet your demands.
Applied Process Equipment has the experience necessary to address any problem you may have, as well as the knowledge and product to solve it. That’s our true goal: not to sell you a product, but to solve your problem through innovative products and personalized service. Contact us online or call us at 800-269-4098 for more information!

Call us when you need IMO Minor or Major Repair kits.

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