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We supply cost-effective and reliable centrifugal slurry and feed pumps in hardalloy or rubberlined options to pump the toughest abrasive and corrosive materials!

Based out of Milan, Italy, PEMO Pumps are world renown for the custom centrifugal slurry pumps they’ve designed and manufactured since first starting their business back in 1947. Since that time, PEMO Pumps has built and shipped out more than 30,000 pumps across the globe. Their pumps are specially designed to handle the most acidic and abrasive applications in several industries, including chemical processing, quarry, aggregate, mining, and more. Three generations of experience in the industry have led to the development of a new line of submersible pumps that is both competitively priced and highly reliable. At Applied Process Equipment, we are proud to partner with PEMO Pump and provide your business with the finest slurry pumps available.

Ideal for corrosive or abrasive filter press applications, PEMO provides Single, Double, and Triple stage feed pumps available in various sizes. Options for these pumps include hard metal or rubber-lined in vertical, horizontal, cantilevered, and submersible configurations.

Single Staged Rubber Lined Construction

These pumps are available in nine different models and are engineered for corrosive and abrasive slurry applications. Discharge pressures can range from 60 to 150 PSI (4-10 bars), and when filling a filter press, their capacities range from 100 to 6600 GPM. Custom pump designs can be provided for specific applications.

Double Staged Rubber Lined Construction

These pumps have five different models available, but PEMO can provide custom designs for these as well. Also well suited for abrasive and corrosive slurry applications, these pumps have discharge pressures that range from 40 to 200 PSI and capacities from 100 to 2500 GPM.

Single, Double & Triple Staged Hardalloy (hard metal) Construction

Hardalloy pumps are specifically designed for applications that require higher pressures, such as filter press feed, and operate at higher temperatures. The S-FP AO/AB/DC-B55 model is the only Triple Stage model and is a cost effective alternative to expensive positive displacement pumps. Hardalloy pumps are particularly recommended for applications dealing with highly abrasive sludges. You can read more about Hardalloy Construction here.

Mining, aggregate, quarry, and mineral extraction industries make common use of PEMO pumps in order to feed hydrocyclones and transfer slurries. In power plants, they are used for SO2 scrubbers, flyash, and coal slurries. You’ll also find PEMO pumps actively used in filter press feed, ceramics, chemical processing, and steel mills.

Applied Process Equipment, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, was named the U.S. Parts Distribution Center for PEMO Pumps in 2012.

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