APE Water Offers IMO Three Screw Pumps Ideal for Mining Ball Mills

Mines frequently use ball mill machines to grind or pulverize ore for processing. Lubrication systems with high pressure pumps are critical for providing cooling‚ lubrication and lift to trunnion bearings.

IMO Three Screw pumps with high shock capacity casings and alloy steel rotor housings are ideal for severe-duty ball mill applications. These positive displacement lube oil pumps are renowned for low noise levels, precise‚ pulseless performance, and long life cycles.


IMO Pump SeriesMax Flow Rate
Max Flow Rate
Max Discharge
Pressure PSIG
Max Discharge
Pressure Bar


The general purpose IMO 3D Series pumps are available in 19 different displacements. Pump shafts are generously sized to allow belt drive if required. The IMO 6D Series pumps are designed for high pressure service for fluids with viscosities from 2cSt to 25,000ssu.

IMO three screw pump graphic showing interior mechanisms

All 3D and 6D positive displacement pumps are hydraulically balanced to cancel axial and radial thrust loads due to discharge pressure. The design features replaceable rotor housings, a single mechanical seal, and external grease-packed ball bearings. They are all repairable with minor and major repair kits, and available in the Applied Process Equipment regional Arizona warehouse as needed with special arrangement.


For more information and reseller pricing, contact Applied Process Equipment at 480-998-4097 or sales@apewater.com.


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