STANCOR Pump System Eliminates Wet Wells

The OverWatch™ in-line pump system from Stancor was designed to lift influent at point of entry eliminating the need for a wet well. Overwatch tackles some of the biggest challenges of lift station management by averting dangerous gases, eliminating odors, and preventing sand & grease build-up. Ideal for municipal, commercial, and industrial applications.

The OverWatch™ Series of Direct In-Line Pumps eliminates the possible dangers and difficulties associated with wet well installations. The system was designed to decrease backups and blockages which may lead to environmental and safety risks. OverWatch™ also utilizes a patented technology to keep a careful watch on the system so you don’t have to.

Maximizes Safety and Minimizes Risk.

Eliminating the need for a wet well prevents hazards associated with a confined space. Build-up of gases such as hydrogen sulfide and methane directly impacts the environment, the health of those exposed, and presents a possible danger of explosion when combined with a source of ignition. Designed with the only patented system to lift effluent directly at the point of entry without water loading or a wet well, OverWatch™ prevails over the drawbacks of retained volumes of effluent, including:

* Exposure to dangerous gases and smells

• Constant monitoring for prevention of environmental, health and safety risks associated with clogged pumps and overflowing lift stations

• Minimized safety risks for operating personnel due to reduced structure depths and equipment that operates in a healthier environment

Increased Operational Efficiency and Reduce Maintenance Costs

OverWatch™ constantly watches over the pumping units to determine if there is a clog. Should one be detected, the unit will reverse itself to clear. This is especially effective when combined with the patented OverWatchimpeller which exposes razor sharp teeth to shred any rags or wipes which may have caused the clog.

Specifically designed to absorb the air/fluid mix flowing in from gravity lines, OverWatch™ is driven by variable speed drives. Operation is based on continuous and modulated pumping directly from the effluent inlet. OverWatch™ utilizes a sensor at the inlet combined with variable speed drives to adjust in-line with the incoming flow; eliminating hydraulic surges while automatically adapting to constantly changing flow rates and load reduction. This unique operating mode enables materials to move through the system without causing blockages and provides a long-term durable solution, with minimal need to replace, repair, or maintain your wastewater system.

OverWatch™ in-line pump system from Stancor

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