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HCP Pumps has manufactured sewage, chopper and grinder pumps for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal applications since 1979. The star of the HCP line, the GF Series Submersible Grinder pumps, offer exceptional solids grinding capability and long, reliable service life. We offer HCP Pumps with competitive pricing and a wide range of sizes and configurations. GF Series grinders are easy to install “drop in” pump replacements for most other pump brands including E-One grinder pumps.

Sewage HCP pumps for residential and commercial industries With one single shaft with an impeller and radial cutter, pump efficiency is increased while motor torque and horse power requirements are minimized. Pump impeller blades are tungsten-carbide tipped for longer life.

The cutter wheel assembly is able to shred tough debris including items such as plastic, rubber, rope or string, cloth, sanitary napkins and diapers to prevent clogging. Large solids up to 3” diameter are ground to a fine slurry for transfer to a variety of sewage treatment applications through down to 1 ¼ “pipe. The GF Series grinder pumps are used extensively in pressure sewage systems, for wastewater transfer in commercial buildings and for wastewater drainage in residential applications. Unlike other grinder pumps that perform at low flow and head pressure, the HCP grinders can operate in high flow and lower head applications (very little vertical lift, short horizontal run) without burning out.

Top features include:

  • FC 200 Cast iron construction
  • 316SS hardware
  • Corrosion resistant radial cutter ring in SUS440V high-carbon stainless steel hardened to 55-60 Rockwell standard
  • Optional float switch
  • 230/460 volt, three phase 50Hz / 60Hz motors

Standard accessories include:

  • AC Thermal motor protectors
  • Epoxy resin cable bases
  • Double mechanical seals
  • Lower: Carbon ceramic
  • Upper: Silicon carbide
  • Double ball bearing support shaft motors


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