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Cleaner, Lower-Odor and Lower-Maintenance Alternative to Traditional Septic Systems

Jet Residential Wastewater Treatment
Jet Residential plants are capable of treating 500 to 1,500 gallons of wastewater a day

Jet systems use a patented Biologically Accelerated Treatment (BAT®) process to transform wastewater into colorless, odorless, environmentally-friendly effluent. There is only one moving part, no complicated electronics and no filters to change, resulting in years of trouble-free, low maintenance operation.

The system features a three compartment tank. In the Pre-Treatment Compartment heavy solids are settled and form sludge at the bottom of the tank. In the second compartment wastewater is thoroughly mixed with oxygen and passed over the living microorganisms located on Jet’s BAT media. Treated wastewater then flows to the Settling Compartment. And finally, a clear effluent, devoid of color and odor, is discharged through the baffled outlet.