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Commercial Wastewater Treatment Systems

Remove oils and create cleaner sewage water for commercial and municipal facilities with our wastewater treatment solutions

For more than three decades, Applied Process Equipment, Inc. has provided commercial wastewater treatment systems for engineers and well-drilling companies, as well as private and municipal water provisions. Our goals are to provide solutions that remove suspended solids, grease, metal particles, oil properties, and other non-soluble biological organisms from wastewater.

There are several processes that go into the commercial wastewater treatment cycle. First, solid wastes either need to settle or rise for removal. This is done by a two-step process with strainer baskets and clay-based agents. Then, other systems and pumps work to remove oils, grease particles and other non-soluble organisms. Not every commercial plant will need all the pumps and strainer systems available on the market. The following are our best-selling commercial wastewater treatment systems. We may recommend one more of these for your business or municipal entity.

Lift Stations & Booster Systems

  • USEMCO – Cost-effective, pre-assembled electrical and piping connections for wastewater pump stations, control systems, and more
  • HCP Pump – Submersible sewage and grinder and pumps with shorter lead time


Onsite Septic Systems

  • Jet – Modular designs that treat flows from 1,500 to more than 3,000 for cleaner and lower maintenance commercial septic systems

Grease Interceptors and Oil Water Separators

  • Highland Tank – Grease removal systems with manual grease interceptors, strainer baskets, coarse solid strainers, and lift stations
  • Oilsorb – Equipment with a two-fold process to remove crude oil and dispersed hydrocarbons from fracking water



  • CETCO – Clay-based wastewater treatments that stabilize and solidify agents for easier removal

Fiberglass Storm Water Tanks

  • Nationwide Tank – Lightweight storm water tanks made out of fiberglass for watertight design
  • Highland Tank – Provider of ASME pressure vessels, water storage tanks, HighDRO-PURE rainwater harvesting systems, and greywater recycling systems


Filter Presses and Clarifiers

  • M.W. WatermarkEfficient suspended solid removal and other types of removal from wastewater streams

Not every commercial need or application is the same. Consulting with our experienced team allows you to get the right solutions for the amount of waste streams your business has. Applied Process Equipment, Inc. can help you develop a custom commercial wastewater treatment system that will work for your needs. Feel free to call 480-998-4097 for more information, or fill out an application information form. We look forward to providing commercial solutions for you.

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