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User Friendly Cartridge Technology

ISOLUX® is a proven NSF 61 certified Zirconium adsorption media designed specifically to remove Arsenic from potable water. A powdered media that forms an immediate, non-leachable arsenic bond, ISOLUX® removes both AsIII and AsV simultaneously down to non-detect levels – even in high Arsenic level concentrations. 

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NSF 61 Certified media  cartridges


Clean & Convenient

All ISOLUX® cartridges are sealed so there is never any direct contact with the media.  Spent cartridges are non-hazardous and can be taken to landfill or simply thrown in the garbage.* And, best yet, with ISOLUX® cartridges there’s no need for bulk media replacement or backwashing!


ISOLUX® Cartridge Media Specifications

System Type:Powdered media in cartridgesMedia Type:Zirconium Hydroxide Adsorption
Cartridge Size:4.5”D X 42” LContaminant removal:


Arsenic III & V


pH range:7 – 8.5


Pressure Drop: Less than 32 psi
Minimum Empty bed contact time (EBCT):27 secondspH Zero point-of-charge (ZETA point):11.0


Not requiredMedia Disposal:  Landfill
Cost per Gallon Treated:


MediumHazardous:Non-toxic. Passes USEPA TLCP tests for landfill
Adsorption Kinetics:99% uptake in first 30 seconds contactCertifications:NSF/ANSI/CAN 61

 * Due to variances in incoming water quality, users are encouraged to perform verification of the non-hazardous character of spent media cartridges. Additionally, some states may have disposal criteria different from Federal guidelines (TCLP).

ISOLUX® Cartridge Housings Options

From Applied Cartridge Systems


100 GPM Skid System

50 GPM Skid System

Freestanding 25, 20, 15, 10 & 5 GPM Systems


Multi-Vessel Skids

The pre-engineered ISOLUX® 50 and 100 gpm multi-vessel skids can address arsenic removal for a wide range of commercial water systems and multi-user well applications. Standard systems are available in 1, 2 or 3 skid configurations for treatment by-pass and blending for flows up to 500 GPM.


Freestanding Systems

The standard freestanding ISOLUX® cartridge systems come in five models from 5 up to 25 GPM complete with stainless steel or polypropylene prefilters.



* NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 certified

* 100 or 150 psi, 304 Stainless steel construction

* Quick Inlet/Outlet installation

* 2” FNPT or 150# ANSI Flange

* No waste stream or sewer hook-ups

* Pre-filters included

* Multiple Skids can be combined for larger flow rates

* Simple one-man cartridge replacement



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NSF 61 Certified media  cartridges


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