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Arsenic Water Filters & Removal Systems

Improve your drinking water and reduce the risk of deadly side effects from arsenic-contaminated well-water with removal systems

From filter cartridges to iron-infused resins, Applied Process Equipment, Inc. has you covered when it comes to removing dangerous contaminants such as arsenic from potable and groundwater. Removing arsenic from well-water is a multi-step process, and it is vitally important to protect the health of those in the community.

An independent study conducted by Columbia University in 2014 has revealed that when arsenic contaminants are in the water of homes surviving off well water, it was linked to lowering children’s IQ points by 5-6 points when even just five parts per billion were detected. Other dangerous side effects that it can have on the body include neurological disorders and skin or bladder cancer.

Arsenic is essentially a ghost lurking in water systems until it filtered out. It’s odorless, invisible to the eye and tasteless. When there are dangerous contaminants in the water and water systems, it can infiltrate the ground, impacting local families and the entire community.

Arsenic removal systems available from Applied Process Equipment, Inc. range from small filters for households to complete water treatment systems for large fiberglass tanks found at municipal plants. The goal is to trap contaminants and prevent possible desorption of bound arsenic in flowing fluids and in the dirt. Let us know if you need help choosing the right type of arsenic water treatment or filter for your home or business.

Micro-contaminant & Arsenic Removal Systems

  • ISOLUX® – Stainless steel cartridge systems are available in five sizes for homes and community water provisions. There is no backwash or wasted water as found with other reverse osmosis systems, and the patented Zirconium filter media does not leach, resulting in a 99 percent guarantee of arsenic removal.
  • NXT® – Free-flowing patented media that is highly cost-effective, even when treating thousands of gallons of water for adsorption. The NXT-2 lanthanum-based oxy-hydroxide metal media has a higher PH tolerance than the other iron-based media. When compared to similar arsenic and uranium removal technologies, NXT-2 delivers the lowest adsorption treatment cost while being both easy to use and maintain.
  • Purolite – The FerrlX A33E is a highly porous anion resin specially formulated by a proprietary process. It uses iron oxide infusion for fast and efficient removal of certain types of arsenic contaminants from water at municipal treatment plants. It is notated to reduce arsenic levels to less than two parts per billion. It can be regenerated by returning to Purolite for under NSF/ANSI 61 approved processing and preparation for its next use.
  • Melsorb® – Small businesses and households will enjoy the convenience of this self-contained, self-deployed arsenic removal system. It is a cartridge-based system without large pressure valves to remove contaminants from potable and groundwater. There is no backwash, and it can even remove concentrated arsenic from reverse osmosis reject brines.

Applied Process Equipment, Inc. is passionate about the quality of water that is consumed and available to households and the community. We are here to help you choose the right arsenic water treatment for your application. Reach out to our experts, and we can help you select the right system for your needs. Call us at 480-998-4097 Monday through Friday 8 AM – 5 PM (AZ) or start the conversation online!

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