APE Water Offers Fiberglass Tanks from Nationwide Tank & Pipe LLC

Nationwide Tank and Pipe, LLC is among North America’s largest manufacturers of composite fiberglass (FRP) tanks. With a strong presence in the oil and gas industry, Nationwide can provide the full set up for production tank batteries, salt water disposal systems, chemical containment and crude oil storage.

FRP tanks have been used in place of steel in oil and gas applications as early as 1960. Unlike steel tanks, fiberglass doesn’t rust and never needs costly resurfacing. Fiberglass also delivers longer service life and is more cost-effective than steel.

Fiberglass Nationwide tanks for the oil and gas industry

All Nationwide FRP tanks are precision-engineered thick and tough for superior chemical, corrosion and heat resistance in strict adherence to API 12P specifications. Nationwide Tank’s 60,000-square foot manufacturing plant features industry-leading production technology combined with stringent quality control. A variety of fiberglass and resin materials are used, and Nationwide’s polymer chemists custom match each tank’s resin recipe to the intended use and environmental conditions.


Tanks are available in standard oil field sizes with a full line of accessories including static and lightning protection, thief hatches, stairs, walk-ways and ladders. Custom designs up to 50,000 gallons are also available when required.


Common standard API 12P sizes include:


210 bbl.880 gal10’ x 15’
210 bbl.880 gal12’ x 10.5′
300 bbl.12,600 gal12′ x 15′
400 bbl.16,800 gal12′ x 20′
500 bbl.21,000 gal12′ x 25′
500 bbl.21,000 gal15’6″ x 16′
750 bbl.31,500 gal15’6″ x 24′
1,000 bbl.42,000 gal15’6″ x 30’



Nationwide Tank and Pipe is proud to have supplied FRP tanks to several of the top oil and gas producers in North America, including OXY, Valerus Compression, Noble Energy, Cabot Oil & Gas and Americo Energy. Thick wall construction, quick lead times and competitive pricing set Nationwide Tank & Pipe apart in the oil fields.


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