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100 GPM Cartridge System with Triple-Bag Prefilter 

Unmatched Quality & Convenience

Water Treatment Cartridge Systems from Applied Cartridge Systems are installed in small water utilities, schools, hotels and resorts, RV parks, subdivisions and single & multi-user wells across north America. They deliver the unmatched convenience of cartridges together with the quality of NSF 61 certified stainless steel housings and prefilters.  


* Stainless steel cartridge system & 

   prefilter packages  

* Fast, Drop-In-Ready installation 

*Choice of treatment cartridges  

* NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 Certified 


* No backwashing 

* No bulk media replacement 

* No hazardous waste streams 

* Small footprints 

* Ideal for flow rates up to 500 GPM. 



ACS 50 GPM System with Prefilter

50 GPM Skid Cartridge System with Single-Bag Prefilter


Multi-Vessel Cartridge Skid Systems

The pre-engineered, NSF 61 certified 50 and 100 gpm Cartridge System skids are competitively priced, self-contained water treatment solutions for small to medium size water systems. Each standard system consists of a stainless steel multivessel skid and stainless steel prefilter. Depending on application requirements they can be built in 1, 2 or 3 skid configurations for treatment by-pass and blending.  

With simple inlet-outlet connections, pre-plumbed piping subassemblies and no required sewer hook-ups, installation is generally basic. In most cases a Cartridge System skid can be fully assembled and ready to hook up to a water supply in less than a day. 

5,10, 15, 20 & 25 GPM Models

5,10, 15, 20 & 25 GPM Models 


10 GPM Model with 20” prefilter

10 GPM Model with 20” prefilter 



Choice of easy-to-load cartridges


ISO-100-SK 100 GPM Skid System

ISO-100-SK 100 GPM Skid System

NSF 61 Certified

ISO-100-SK 100 GPM Skid System

ISO-100-SK 100 GPM Skid System

Freestanding Cartridge Systems  

The freestanding Cartridge Systems from Applied Cartridge Systems, also NSF 61 certified, come in five stainless steel models from 5 up to 25 GPM complete with stainless steel or polypropylene prefilters.   

Since there’s no back washing or media replacement with Cartridge Systems, maintenance is minimal except for periodic one-man cartridge replacement. Installation is fast and easy too with quick inlet/outlet flange connections and simple single-bag pre-filters.